STEP 1 Start Talking Transition
Transition takes place over several years. Conversation with your CdLS care team should start no later than age 14 so that everyone can get on the same page early.
Make sure to keep track of all conversations including treatment history.
STEP 2 Self-Management
Prepare every year for self-management (education, social and medical) Do a yearly review of self management skills with your team. It is important to track these skills every year to get ready for future responsibilities.
STEP 3 Stay Educated
Begin creating a transition plan at age 13 and review it each year. Focus on learning as much as you can to get ready for changing care to an adult doctor.
STEP 4 Big Decisions 
Make sure that self-care is a possibility & discuss legal responsibility/guardianship options by age 15/16.
STEP 5 Work Together
Work together with your entire team to put together a solid transition plan. It should include topics like:
  • Overall health
  • Financial help
  • Legal help
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Housing
STEP 6 Pick a New Team
Approximately one - two years before it is time for your loved one to transfer to an adult doctor, work with your care team to pick a new adult team.
Confirm and Communicate to Ease the Transition
Confirm and Communicate the Transfer of Medical Care and start going to the new adult doctor.

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