What Went Wrong?

What Went Wrong?

“Playing the ‘blame game’ is self-destructive. We knew from our own experience, the death of one of our children at birth, that nothing could have been done to change the outcome. My wife and daughter were both ‘perfect’ in taking care of themselves during pregnancy. There was nothing that could have been done to alter the outcome. The birth of a perfectly healthy third daughter, born sixteen months after their child with CdLS proved the point; same Mom, same Dad, same attention to diet and exercise – different outcome.” 

“One thing that helped remove the guilt was meeting with the geneticist from the hospital. Things happen.” 

“Learning a lot more of what exactly takes place in the process of development from sperm/egg, to fetus, to a ready-to-be-born baby, led me to conclude that the wonder should not be so much ‘Why do things go wrong?’ but rather ‘Why do they so frequently go right?”

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