Stereotyped behaviour

Stereotyped behaviour.
Finally, the presence of stereotyped behaviours also warrants mention, since there is some suggestion that there is a link between these behaviours and self-injurious behaviour. Stereotyped behaviours can be defined as repetitive, apparently purposeless body movements or use of objects e.g. body rocking or spinning objects. There has been little research into stereotyped behaviour in Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, however studies that have been carried out suggest that between 57% - 78% of individuals with the syndrome show stereotyped behaviour 22, 24, 25. This is not thought to be significantly different from other individuals with intellectual disabilities and the most common forms of this behaviour in Cornelia de Lange Syndrome reported in previous studies include body rocking, bizarre body positioning and object spinning 22, 25.

In our recent observational study of children and adults with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, we found that significantly more individuals with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome showed distinct rigid J or C-shaped hand posturing than individuals with the same intellectual disability but without Cornelia de Lange Syndrome.

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