Changes for Your Family

Changes for Your Family

“Our family very quickly became much more tolerant of people with disabilities and hopefully it has made our other five grandchildren more loving people. As we all coped with this, it has made our family very close and concerned for each other. It is very gratifying to see.”  

“In addition to the unrelenting daily grind of raising a child who is handicapped, there are other down sides, not the least of which certainly must be the strain on marital relationships. Families that survive become exceptionally strong and resilient. We are most thankful that our grandson’s family fits that mold.”  

“I was most impressed with the strength that my daughter and son-in-law displayed. The title of the book we received from the Foundation was called Facing the Challenges.  These two young people did exactly that and succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. Their strength of character really rose to the challenge and they did a magnificent job.”

“We have seen the physical and emotional toll that caring for a child with special needs has taken on our daughter and her husband. Every spare moment is spent working with the child. We see them missing out on social activities with other young families; they don’t get out frequently. We worry about the strain this can put on a marriage. They are wonderful parents and they never complain.”  

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