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Goal of Erasmus MC, iPS core facility

Our goal

iPS cells are "induced pluripotent stem" cells, special cells created in labs, not naturally occurring.

Pluripotent stem cells like embryonic stem cells can turn into various cell types, and as iPS cells are pluripotent, these tiny cells act like magical building blocks, able to become any cell in the body. 

Scientists can use clever techniques to transform iPS cells into different cells like neurons to understand diseases without using sick tissue and test medicines in the research labs.

It is also possible to make mini brains from them to better understand the interaction between neurons similar to what happens in our brain.

Researchers work like detective superheroes with iPS cells to make new discoveries. iPS cells might one day help treat illnesses and replace damaged body parts. Science becomes a big adventure with these incredible cells. They hold promise for a healthier and happier world.



Head iPS core facility

PhD. Mehrnaz Ghazvini

What we do

Research Centre
1Research which provides a significant contribution towards understanding the science behind the decease
2Having received funding for decease-relevant research
3Dissemination of new scientific findings related to decease via (inter)national meetings, publications or significant contributions


Erasmus MC, iPS core facility
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Erasmus MC
Office Ee 951 / Facility Ee 953
Dr. Molewaterplein 40
3015 GD Rotterdam

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