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A young man with CdLS (age 14 and 56 lbs. has a dual diagnosis of CdLS and autism. He is aggressive toward others and self-injurious. Caregiver reports little success with Buspar, Paxcil or Tegretol. I am unsure of dosages, amount of time on each medication. Behavior problems are worsening.

Is there another medication that the family should try? Risperdal? Naltrexone?

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My first recommended drugs for CdLS are Elavil and Clonidine. Naltrexone is really a long-term drug, but it may be worth a try. Risperidone is not a bad choice, but start at a very low dose.

TG/TK 7-13-2010

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Self-injurious and aggressive behaviour

To identify the cause of self-injurious behaviour in individuals with CdLS, medical assessment, specifically looking for sources of pain, should be followed by behavioural assessment of self-restraint then functional analysis.
Treatment of self-injurious behaviour should include both medical and behavioural strategies.


Social functioning including ASDs

A clinical diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) should be considered in all individuals with CdLS throughout life, taking into account atypical presentations.
R57: In addition to standardised ASD diagnostic tools, fine-grained observations should be carried out to accurately define the profile of social functioning in an individual with CdLS.
ASD-specific interventions should be considered in all individuals with CdLS in combination with approaches that consider the broader social functioning profile of the syndrome.

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