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Cyclical Behavioral Patterns


Can you identify a common theme of behavioral tantrums as cyclical in individuals with CdLS? Are there medications specific to leveling out these cycles?

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Tantrums and aggressive behavior do sometimes occur in cycles, and some psychiatrists take this as evidence for manic-depression. Children and adults are no different; sometimes their behavior problems occur in patches or, if you will, in cycles. Drugs for manic-depression are only occasionally helpful, though. Behavioral modification would be suggested before medications.

TG /TK 7-13-10

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Self-injurious and aggressive behaviour

To identify the cause of self-injurious behaviour in individuals with CdLS, medical assessment, specifically looking for sources of pain, should be followed by behavioural assessment of self-restraint then functional analysis.
Treatment of self-injurious behaviour should include both medical and behavioural strategies.

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