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Detached Retina (Myopia, Nearsightedness)


A 48 year old male with CdLS has lost sight due to detached retina in both eyes; one about 10 years ago and the other within the past year. He's had 3 surgeries trying to repair it. Any connection to CdLS? Doctors have no explanation.

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Retinal detachment is not uncommon in CdLS. It occurs for one of two reasons: 1. Severe nearsightedness. A nearsighted eye is longer than a normal eye. Although this is usually a problem correctable by glasses, if the eye is too long, then the retina, which lines the inside of the eye, is stretched so much that it can tear leading to retinal detachment.

2. Self inflicted trauma. Many individuals with CdLS engage in a variety of injury to themselves. I know of several children who have injured their eyes in this fashion leading to retinal detachment.

AL/TK 7-13-10

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The eyes and the visual system

Surgical correction of ptosis should be considered if vision is significantly affected or if the individual is lifting their chin in attempt to see more clearly and it is affecting the individual’s ability to move around.
Blepharitis in individuals with CdLS should be treated conservatively with lid hygiene. Nasolacrimal duct obstruction (blocked tear ducts) should be suspected if symptoms are not improved with lid hygiene.
Vision should be regularly evaluated in all individuals with CdLS, especially in infancy and childhood. Problems with vision should be corrected early to prevent amblyopia (lazy eye), although children may have difficulty tolerating glasses or contact lenses.

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