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Ear Tubes/Myringotomy


Will ear tubes affect my daughter's hearing from healing on its own? My daughter will be getting hearing aids and then ear tubes shortly after. I am concerned that my daughterÕs doctor is not able to see her actual ear drums thoroughly. The Doctor said that he was only able to see one ear drum and that it looked like there was fluid present. The Doctor said that he prefers to look at it when she is under anesthesia. Is this standard procedure?

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Ordinarily, myringotomy tubes improve hearing; they do not make it worse unless there is an unusual complication (such as a perforation or chronic infection).Ê The tubes help the fluid drain. However, if tubes are not placed, the fluid that collects and solidifies in the middle ear can cause hearing loss and long term damage.Ê It is easier to see the middle ear under anesthesia.

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Ears and hearing

Hearing should be assessed in individuals with CdLS at an early age and should be followed up over time. Those with severe sensorineural hearing loss should be assessed for auditory neuropathy.
Regular eye (ophthalmologic) and ear, nose and throat (otolaryngologic) evaluations are recommended in adults with CdLS.
Otitis media (middle ear infections) with fluid build up and sinusitis in individuals with CdLS should be considered and treated according to the national guidelines for the general population.

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