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What would be a sufficient daily caloric intake for a CdLS child

We have had several nutritionists express their concern regarding our son's daily caloric intake (approx. 400 calories per day). They have suggested a feeding tube to increase his daily caloric intake. Do you think this is necessary, and approximately how many calories should a CdLS child the size of our son be taking in per day?

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These estimations are best done by the physician caring for the child, but likely this child needs about 600 calories per day. If the slope of the growth curve is not adequate, then an evaluation for GI anomalies, nutrition consult, and probably tube feeding are all appropriate. They should see a pediatric gastroenterologist to have her/him assist with this decision

DP/TK 7-13-10

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The growth of every child with CdLS should be monitored by using CdLS-specific growth charts.

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