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Kidney reflux/Acidophilis


Is it okay to use acidophilis to support G.I. health when on antibiotics? We have just learned that our three-month-old has kidney reflux and that is causing periodic urinary tract infections, thus necessitating periodic antibiotic regimes. On one occasion recently she developed skin rashes which were thought to be yeast infection triggered by the use of antibiotics destroying the normal flora of her gut. I saw on one internet site the suggestion of using acidophilis in small doses following feedings to help maintain that normal flora and thus help prevent other issues resulting from the loss of that normal flora.

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Acidophilis is fine in this age group. We usually give homemade yogurt as it is easier to get into young children. You can either give small doses of the straight bacteria or small amounts of yogurt in her formula if she is on a milk-based formula. The capsule form that we used to recommend, Culturelle, has been found to be contaminated with other bacteria that at least in transplant patients has caused significant problems

CP/TK 7-13-10

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