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Neuropathic Pain/Refusal to Walk


Lately my 15 year old has been refusing to walk more and more. He was given a clean bill of health by an orthopedist. I wonder if it could be neuropathic pain. He pinches his thighs, kicks his heels against his lower legs and likes to have his me rub his feet. If this does sound like neuropathic pain what can be done about it? Who should check him out or treat him at this point?

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Neuropathic pain would be a possibility. I think one would need to get Electromyogram (EMG) and Nerve Conduction Velocities (NCV) testing though (plus, of course, a neurological exam to make sure nothing else is going on). Is he on any medications (that could cause this)? If this turns out to be likely neuropathic pain, Neurontin could be tried for treatment. Neurontin, like some other anticonvulsants for some not-so-clear reason, influences pain sensation from sick nerves, probably by making the nerve's membrane potentials more stable

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Napady padaczkowe u osób z CdLS powinny być leczone zgodnie z ogólnymi schematami postępowania.
Badanie MRI mózgu powinno być rozważane tylko wtedy, gdy u osoby z CdLS występują objawy neurologiczne inne niż mikrocefalia (głowa mniejsza niż normalna).

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