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Do you find that children with CdLS are more prone to pneumonia? My son was diagnosed with asthma in January. Since then he has had pneumonia twice. Do you feel that kids with CdLS get hit harder than a "normal" child with the common cold? It seems to me that my son is down and out for days even with the smallest cold.

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It has been noted that children with CdLS have recurrent infections (about 25% of them do). However, asthma, which is often familial or environmental, and not related to CdLS, does predispose to pneumonia. So I would think his pneumonia may be most likely due to the asthma. Children with gastroesophageal reflux can also develop pneumonia, usually aspiration pneumonia due to food particles entering the lungs. If he has not had a work-up for reflux, his doctors may want to consider that. Perhaps children with CdLS do "get hit harder" than other children with their infections, but I don't really know. We are not aware of an immunologic problem in CdLS

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