Past research indicates that children and adults with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome have communication deficits with around 30-85% of individuals showing no verbal communication skills 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23. It is thought that the main problem related to communication is a deficit in expressive communication (see Box 2.4). Although children and adults with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome may have difficulties with expressive communication, research has indicated that individuals with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome use a number of non-verbal strategies to communicate including, for example, approach, touch and pushing a person’s hand away 22. Whilst this problem of poor expressive communication is not unique to Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (it is also seen in both Cri du Chat and Angelman Syndrome for example) it does have a particular relevance to self injurious behaviour (see Chapters 3 and 5).
Adaptive Behaviour in Cornelia de Lange Syndrome

Daily LivingCommunication Socialization

This indicates the presence of a significant difference between the Cornelia de Lange Syndrome group and the comparison group. The graph shows that individuals with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome have a particular deficit in expressive communication (ability to express information to others) compared to other individuals with intellectual disabilities. The graph also indicates that individuals with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome have significantly better receptive communication (ability to understand incoming information from others) than this comparison group.

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