Critical Care Information

In an emergency situation, the following materials can provide guidance to medical personnel during critical times.
Together with CdLS USA and the CdLS World SAC we have developed an Emergency Care Card. Soon we will be able offer you an interactive version that can be printed in the language of your preference; this can come in handy if you're planning a trip abroad. The information on the card is intended for emergency personnel, hospital staff and specialists, in the event your child with CdLS is admitted to hospital.

Emergency Care Card

Note that the Federation, in cooperation with CdLS Netherlands, is working on an interactive version. Until then you can download the card and fill it in with a pencil
Please fill out the CdLS Emergency Care Card and be prepared in the event of a medical emergency. By handing this document to emergency medical technicians or emergency room personnel, you save critical time.

For your child's safety:

Print the Emergency Care Card:

in 2016 we expect to replace the dutch version by a international version in many languages
Keep a copy in your home; give one copy to your child's school or care facility; and keep one copy with your child (in a backpack or carrying case)
Be sure to update changes in medication/conditions/doctor information as needed

The following documents are also helpful in emergency situations:

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