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Asociación Española Síndrome de Cornelia de Lange (AESCdL) , Ass. Naz. di Volontariato Cornelia De Lange ONLUS , Vereniging Cornelia de Lange syndroom , ASSOCIATION FRANÇAISE DU SYNDROME DE CORNELIA DE LANGE , The World Federation of CdLS Support , the Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS) Foundation USA
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Join Families Across the World to  Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of  International CdLS Awareness Day

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International CdLS Awareness Day will be held on SATURDAY, MAY 11 this year. We are encouraging every family to celebrate.

Let’s spread awareness about CdLS, whether it is a get-together or a social media post.

Together, we can educate the world about your loved ones 



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