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Repetitive behaviour

        Rodzice, opiekunowie, pracownicy służby zdrowia i nauczyciele często mają wątpliwości i pytania dotyczące opieki i dobrego samopoczucia osób z Zespół Cornelia de Lange (CdLS). 

Repetitive behaviour is a term that includes a wide range of behaviours such as stereotyped behaviours (e.g. rocking, spinning, hand flapping), compulsive behaviours (e.g. lining up objects), insistence on sameness (e.g. adhering to a routine), restricted interests (e.g. attachment to a particular object) and repetitive speech (e.g. asking the same questions over and over again). 

Some of these behaviours are seen in certain stages of development in typically developing infants but may reappear with age in some disorders, including in CdLS. 

Repetitive behaviour in CdLS may be associated with anxiety, sensory problems or social demands.


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