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Growth Hormones


How do you determine whether or not a child is an appropriate candidate for the use of growth hormone?

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A provocative stimulation test is used to determine growth hormone deficiency. This involves placing an IV and drawing blood samples and giving several substances (e.g. hormones) that would normally stimulate the release of growth hormone and monitoring it. A bone age (x-rays of the wrist) would be done ahead of time. If there is any concern of growth hormone deficiency, then testing other hormones (via blood) would also occur. On occasion, an MRI of the brain might need to be done to check the pituitary gland. Any child who is found to have growth hormone deficiency by the provocative testing should have the growth hormone replaced. Growth hormone is extremely important for the body, not only in the area of growth, but also for the normal functioning of many of the organ systems. Growth hormone deficiency in CdLS might be suggested by unexpectedly poor growth, i.e. below the CdLS growth charts. A pediatric endocrinologist would be the physician to test for and administer growth hormone

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The growth of every child with CdLS should be monitored by using CdLS-specific growth charts.

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