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Sleeping Too Much


Have you heard of individuals with CdLS sleeping too much/too hard? I am in contact with a residential counselor for a 26-yr. old male. History of aggression subsided (seldom, reactive, increasing in last year). Due to aggression, staff will not wake client but let him rise naturally. The man is generally healthy and is on Celexa, and Propanolol. He is sleeping through meals, work, most of the day.

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The first thing I would check would be the Celexa. I would make sure that somnolence is not one of the side effects, and if so, would recommend decreasing the dose. If this is a new finding, and it's not the medicine, then a medical work up should definitely be done. It is not common with CdLS (in fact usually the opposite!). It could signify a number of things, e.g. depression, infection, subclinical seizures, etc

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Self-injurious and aggressive behaviour

To identify the cause of self-injurious behaviour in individuals with CdLS, medical assessment, specifically looking for sources of pain, should be followed by behavioural assessment of self-restraint then functional analysis.
Treatment of self-injurious behaviour should include both medical and behavioural strategies.



Sleep problems in individuals with CdLS can have serious consequences, and behavioural sleep management should be considered.

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