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Weight gain and CdLS


Do individuals with CdLS gain weight in a regular basis?

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It is very difficult for children with CdLS to gain weight quickly. Obviously, minimizing gastroesophageal reflux will help. They really gain weight at their own pace. Maximizing calories can be tried (but I do not think it always helps) through the help of a nutritionist. At the infancy stage it can be done through high-calorie formula. Probably, only with time will the weight add up. Some families will feed at night to get more calories in, but again I don't think overall it helps too much.

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Growth in Childhood

The growth of every child with CdLS should be monitored by using CdLS-specific growth charts.



Consider always gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) in any individual with CdLS owing to its frequency and wide variability in presentation, which includes challenging behaviour.
Modification of nutrition and proton pump inhibitors (PPI) are the first-line treatments of GORD. Anti-reflux medications need to be used to their maximum dosage. Surgical interventions for GORD should be limited to those individuals with CdLS in whom nutritional and medical treatments have been unsuccessful or airway safety is at risk.
If GORD symptoms persist, endoscopy should be strongly considered whilst an individual with CdLS is still in paediatric care.
Surveillance for Barrett’s Oesophagus needs to be discussed with and decided together with the family, balancing the potential gain in health and burden for the individual with CdLS.

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