Daily Caloric Requirements

Reference for daily caloric and nutritional requirements of a child with CdLS

For all children, energy and protein needs are based on weight.

Allow for minor adjustments based on the individual child if activity is abnormal, nonexistent, or constant. Adjust slightly downward if the child is very limited in activity or slightly upward for the child that is constantly in motion. Evaluate over time their weight gain to ensure that these numbers are on target.

To convert weight from pounds to kilograms, divide number of pounds by 2.2

Birth to 6 months 108 calories per kilogram of weight 2.2 grams protein per kilogram of weight
6 months to 12 months 98 calories per kilogram of weight 1.6 grams protein per kilogram of weight 
1 to 3 years 102 calories per kilogram of weight 1.2 grams protein per kilogram of weight
4 to 6 years 90 calories per kilogram of weight 1.1 grams protein per kilogram of weight 
7 to 10 years 70 calories per kilogram of weight 1.0 gram protein of kilogram of weight



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