Hearing; Flat Tympanograms

Hearing; Flat Tympanograms

My son's tympanograms test show a flat result. His ear drums do not move when being tested. The doctor said that this usually happens when someone has fluid in their ears, but he does not show any signs of fluid. Why is this happening?

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Thank you for your inquiry. There are two reasons why your child may have flat tympanograms. First, he may have fluid in the middle of his ears. This is common in children with CdLS; and it should be treated usually with myringotomy and tube placement. However, many children with CdLS have extremely small ear canals. Consequently, it is possible to get a falsely flat tympanogram because the tip of the insert is against the ear canal wall. The differentiation can be made easily by the examining otolaryngologist

RS/ TK 7-13-10

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