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Is the picking of wallpaper, stickers, etc. common in children who have CdLS?

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This behavior is known as pica. I would recommend testing the child’s lead level in addition to anything else, since picking and eating wallpaper, etc. can be a sign of lead toxicity.

TK 7-13-10

I agree that lead testing, if it hasn't been done, is important. Pica is common in children who have a lower IQ (especially moderate-severe MR), and in a select group of other children (children who eat dirt and have low iron, etc.). It is quite treatable through behavioral protocols directed by an expert in behavior therapy. Medication does not appear to make much difference, (possibly except in individual cases where pica is mixed with anxiety, hyperactivity or mood symptoms).

MG/TK 7-13-10

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Feeding and Dental Difficulties

In every CdLS individual with prolonged and marked feeding difficulties, the multidisciplinary assessment (from healthcare workers across many disciplines) should consider (temporary) placement of a gastrostomy (surgical opening through the abdomen into the stomach) as a supplement to oral feeding.
In individuals with CdLS who have recurrent respiratory infections, reflux and/or aspiration (breathing foreign objects into airways) should be ruled out.
The palate should be closely examined at diagnosis. In case of symptoms of a (submucous) cleft palate, referral for specialist assessment is indicated.
Dental assessment and cleaning should take place regularly; a more thorough dental examination or treatment under anaesthesia may be necessary.

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