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My four-year-old granddaughter is having trouble with constipation.

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Most constipation is not caused by an anatomy problem, however the child should have a good exam including rectal examination. If the problem was present from birth, there may be reason to be more concerned. Constipation is very common in CdLS.

Our first line of therapy is usually Milk of Magnesia. It should be given at least an hour away from other medications as it may bind and inactivate them. If the child has kidney disease you should check with your doctor first. For a baby between 10-15 pounds I would start at 1/2-1 tsp or 2.5-5cc a day.

CP/TK 7-13-10

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Constipation of the bowels (Obstipation)

Constipation is present in almost half of all individuals with CdLS and should be treated as in the general population.

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