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DSM IV AXIS Diagnostic Code for CdLS



Which DSM diagnosis code or title that would be most closely associated with the characteristics of CdLS? PDD? ADHD for some? Developmental Receptive, Articulation or Speech Disorder? ADD? I know it will help to have Axis 3-5 specified. A mom is asking to determine what to request through Medicaid.

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CdLS should be on Axis III. Mental retardation would go on Axis II. Other possibilities if they apply would be Autistic D/o on Axis I, Expressive Language D/o on Axis I, Learning d/o on Axis I, or Pervasive Developmental D/o on Axis I. For example, I would put CdLS, MR, and Autism. Often, having several diagnoses helps in the Medicaid Qualifying process.

EA/TK 7-13-10

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