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Do you have any information regarding the use of massage therapy with individuals with CdLS (i.e. benefits, harmful effects)?

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I do not think there are any detrimental effects of massage. The benefits can be multiple as might be expected. Touch can relieve tension and musculo-skeletal pain, relieve anxiety and provide greater flexibility

DS-Behavior/ TK 7-13-10

Massage is great for people who respond to it; it ought to be relaxing, calming, and beneficial at least for a few hours or a day or two. As a "therapy," though, I'm not sure there is anything about CdLS that would respond  for example, muscle tension, soreness, fatigue

Massage could make some pain worse

TG-Behavior/ TK 7-13-10

Massage therapy will probably not hurt, but I have seen no scientific evidence of benefits. Craniosacral (CS) therapy involves physical touch whose purpose is to improve cerebrospinal fluid flow and flexibility. There is a small body of literature about the use of CS therapy in children with developmental disabilities. Again, it is hard to measure progress and improvement scientifically, but there is a physical therapy rating form that was used in one study to look at improved mobility. Anecdotal claims of behavioral improvement have also been made. It probably would not be harmful, but may not be beneficial. Both therapies are considered outside of the mainstream of typical treatment, even by physical and occupational therapists

EA-Psychiatry/ TK 7-13-10

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