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A family in Israel is interested in obtaining an IQ test for their child. Do you know how they might go about this? Are there other tests recommended for children with CdLS that you can recommend to them?

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There should be national professional organizations available where the parents may be able to identify someone who specializes in testing students with disabilities. Here in the US we have the American Psychology Association and the National Association of School Psychologists

Regarding the type of tests - it depends on the child's visual, auditory, language and motor abilities. There are different tests depending on what you already know about the child. For example, if the child does not talk, you would want a test that does not require the child to use speech. Some children need testing that is done over time if they cannot take testing all in one sitting. Sometimes they need testing with a primary trusted person present and/or in a home environment (whatever is comfortable)

In the US, one test is not considered sufficient. A psychologist usually gives several different types with one being an adaptive-type test, where primary others answer a lot of questions about daily living skills. Primary others include teachers and/or parents

The main thing is that the choice of tests is critical and depends a lot in knowing something about the child ahead of time. Any examiner who uses the same test on all children is questionable. The other critical aspect is an examiner who understands children and learning. A school psychologist is probably a good choice

MM/TK 7-13-10

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