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Recurring Sinus Infections/Nasal Polyps


Why do sinus infections and nasal polyps occur so often for their children/adults with CdLS? Are there preventative treatments? Are there permanent treatment options?

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To the best of my knowledge, there has been no good study of sinus disorders in CdLS individuals. Anecdotally, they are common. We have assumed that the problems are related to structural abnormalities in the CdLS children with cleft and high arched palates, to small nasal size, and perhaps to mucosal abnormalities that are also associated with serous otitis media (ear infection). Polyps are a common concomitant of chronic sinusitis (as well as allergy). As with middle ear effusion (fluid in the ear), there really are no good preventative treatments that should be instituted prior to the first incident. If a child develops recurrent sinusitis, then treatment with decongestants, demulcents, antihistamines as appropriate, steroids, and antibiotics for active infections is appropriate. In severe cases, sinus surgery (usually functional endoscopic sinus surgery) may be indicated

I must stress, however, that all of this information is provided on the basis of sporadic experience, not on systematic study. There are several important questions to investigate related to this topic

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