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Sleep and Melatonin


What is Melatonin and can it be used to help my child sleep better?

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Melatonin is good for sleep induction, if that is a specific problem, not really for maintaining sleep through the night. I generally do not use "sleep medicine" (except maybe for melatonin) because it generally does not agree well with children. Klonopin is a benzodiazepine that is used for anxiety that has good sedating properties when taken at night, but probably not indicated if only sleep is a target. However, if there is anxiety or mood swings one can try it. It can cause some physiological dependence (the body needs it to go to sleep after some time)

MG/TK 7-13-10

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Sleep problems in individuals with CdLS can have serious consequences, and behavioural sleep management should be considered.



Interventions targeting problematic repetitive behaviour in individuals with CdLS should be sensitive to anxiety, sensory problems and social demands. These interventions should also consider environmental factors.
Atypical presentation of anxiety and mood disorder should be considered when behaviour changes occur.
As anxiety is common in individuals with CdLS during periods of environmental change/transitions, a planned program should be implemented.
Treatment of anxiety and mood disorders in individuals with CdLS should be considered using psychosocial interventions (therapies) and pharmacotherapy (medication).

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